Our Arizona-Sonora Borderlands: From Kino’s Time to the Present”

Presentation of a book

Saturday, February 18, 2017 at 1 p.m.
at the Arizona History Museum

949 E. 2nd Street

Tucson – Arizona 85719

The Arizona History Museum presents “Our Arizona-Sonora Borderlands: From Kino’s Time to the Present” by award-winning author and rancher Richard C. Collins.

Richard’s presentation brings history and culture together with insight and love for our Borderlands as recounted in his acclaimed book “Riding Behind the Padre: Horseback Views from Both Sides of the Border.” Richard knows our Borderlands well as a rancher and as a member of Por Los Caminos de Kino. The riders of Por Los Caminos de Kino, for more than 25 years, have retraced on horseback the trails ridden by Fr. Eusebio Kino, the border region’s pioneer missionary and explorer.

Richard will be introduced by special guest Dr. Alessandra Lorini, a leading Kino scholar and retired professor of American History and Culture at the University of Florence, Italy. Dr. Lorini will present Richard with the recent publication of “Riding Behind the Padre” in its Italian translation. Dr. Lorini coordinated the Italian publication which was sponsored by the Associazione Culturale Padre Eusebio F. Chini.

The link to the website of “Riding Behind the Padre” with a book preview of the first chapter is at http://www.richardccollins.com/ Richard’s book was awarded “Topic Pick” in the 2014 Southwest Books of the Year: Best Reading by the Pima County Public Library. The New Mexico Book Co-Op chose it as the best book of 2015 in the category of political, social and current event writing

A book signing follows. The event is free with museum admission: $8 general admission.

The program takes place Saturday, February 18, 2017 at 1 p.m. at the Arizona History Museum, 949 E. 2nd Street in Tucson.

RSVP: 520.628.5774 or by E-Mail at  AHSTucson@azhs.gov

More information on Richarda Collins at: http://www.richardccollins.com/

Progress for the Documentary Film on Padre Kino

May 17th,2017
The new Documentary Film on Padre Kino: on the way the footage shot by the Aurora Vision team between Arizona (USA) and Sonora (Mexico).
The Kino Documentary Team arrives. Bienvenidos to Pimería Alta to the Aurora Vision team: Lia Giovanazzi Beltrami (director), Andrea Morghen (producer) and Denis Morosin (cinematographer). The Aurora Vision team began their first day at sunrise documenting the life of Kino and his modern legacy in Arizona and Sonora. On their way to Mexico, they stopped at Mission San Xavier del Bac, Tumacácori National Historical Park, Kino Border Initiative in Ambos Nogales and the 6C Ranch in Sonoita. Thank you John Vidal, Anita Badtertscher, Georgina Jacquez and Fr. Pete Neely and the many others working at these locations who helped. Thank you again to Aurora Vision United States’ hosts: Richard and Diane Collins, Carmen Dolny and Kino Heritage Society members Rosie Garcia and Mark O’Hare.

More about Aurora Vision and its inspiring work at:  http://auroravision.it/portfoliogroup/documentari/

May 19th, 2017
The Aurora Vision film team as part of their Kino documentary focused on the lives of the O’odham people of today. It is their 3rd day in Mexico. More about today’s enduring O’odham people at http://padrekino.com/kino-s-legacy/oodham-people/
Kino described the O’odham people as valiant, desert sharing and hard working. He lived and worked with them for almost a quarter of a century. Dr. Herbert Bolton wrote, “To the Pimas [O’odham], Kino was the Great White Father. They loved him, he loved them, and they were ready to die for each other. To him they flocked as if drawn by a magnet.”

May 20th, 2017
They posted their 23 seconds of unedited footage of the Kino Festival’s Annual Kino Cabalgata. Over 300 riders with cattle honored “The Padre on Horseback” on the 17 mile horseback ride and pilgrimage from Imuris to Magdalena. Kino’s skill as an accomplished horseman and endurance rider allowed him to minister to the O’odham people and to explore and map the Pimería Alta – Kino’s parish of 50,000 sq. miles (130,000 sq. kilometers). Kino is known as “The Padre on Horseback” based on the title of Dr. Herbert Bolton’s 90 page Kino sketch that is online at;
Or on Amazon:
It is Aurora Vision’s 4th day in Mexico filming its documentary about Kino’s legacy.

Sulle orme di padre Kino in Messico, 300 cavalcantes verso Magdalena

Geplaatst door Lia Giovanazzi Beltrami op zaterdag 20 mei 2017

See the Facebook profile of the film director Lia Giovanazzi Beltrami:

May 21st, 2017
Aurora Vision Film Team Behind the Cameras. Film makers require courage, audacity and nerves of steel along with cameras, creativity and endurance. Czilena Demara García’s videos of Aurora Vision shows what it takes to get those meaningful frames. Cinematographer Denis Morosin (blue shirt & cap) films the Kino cabalgantes in front of Mission San Ignacio while among horses with producer Andrea Morghen (white shirt & backpack of lenses) assisting. Next director Lia Beltrami (white shirt & straw fedora hat) shakes hands with the cabalgantes to thank them. Aurora Vision has filmed in the Europe, Africa, Asia & South America to bring to the world its vision of peace, humanity and hope.

Geplaatst door Czilena Demara García op zaterdag 20 mei 2017

Geplaatst door Czilena Demara García op zaterdag 20 mei 2017

Geplaatst door Czilena Demara García op zaterdag 20 mei 2017

May 24th, 2017
A Day Full of Emotion at The Border Wall in Mexico. On its last day in Sonora, Aurora Vision filmed scenes from Mexican side of The Border Wall for its documentary about Kino’s modern legacy. Padre Kino’s message of human solidarity and understanding can overcome those who seek to create hatred and control the world by their “divide and conquer” speech, policies and Border Walls. In the video post Aurora Vision’s Director Lia Beltrami introduces actors and actresses starring in the doumentary film, the cast includes cabalgantes of Por LosCaminos de Kino. For more than 30 years members of Los Caminos de Kino from both the U.S. and Mexico join in friendship and annually retraced on horseback the trails ridden by Kino. More about Los Caminos de Kino at:


Il muro Messico Usa… padre Kino un missionario senza frontiere

Geplaatst door Aurora Vision op maandag 22 mei 2017





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