The Last “Cabalgata Por Los Caminos de Kino” – Dec 13th  – 17th, 2017

The Cabalgantes

The 2017 Cabalgata Por Los Caminos de Kino – Dec 13 – 17, 2017. Day 3.
For the past 2 days the 20 cabalgantes have traveled on horseback more than 50 miles from Caborca to Trincheras. El Cerro de las Trincheras (“The Hill of the Fortifications”) is a large archaeological site with 900 hundred terraces on a 450 foot mountain. Kino rode by the Trincheras in 1694 – 200 years after its abandonment.
Tumamoc Hill in Tucson is a similar but a smaller archaeological site. Today the cabalgantes will ride 25 miles up the Rio Magdalena to Estación Llano. It is another 2 days and 50 miles through mountains to the site of Kino’s mission headquarters at Dolores.







Big Jim Griffith writes about the Trincheras at the following link:

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