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Kino’s Spirit Transcends Time & Space in New Book. Writer & film maker Mauro Neri applies his story telling talents in his newly released book “Kino, l’Apostolo senza tempo dei migrantes messicani del Muro” (“Kino: The Timeless Apostle To Migrants of Mexico and The Wall”). Neri illuminates Kino with history and imagination in 3 fictional accounts: Kino & the O’odham people struggling against Spanish settlers (1687); O’odham soldier surviving WW2 Iwo Jima (1945); and migrants from Latin America crossing the uncivilized no-man’s-land of the U.S.-Mexico border (2012). Neri engagingly presents how Kino’s spirit of humanity has for over three centuries aided those who encounter Apocalyptic worlds far from their homes and families. The book’s foreword and first chapter are at