On July 30th, 1992, in Segno, the Cultural Association of Padre Eusebio F. Chini was founded to promote Kino’s popularity in his mother country. Fr. Eusebio F. Kino was born in Segno (Trentino) in 1645 and died in Magdalena (Sonora, Mexico) in 1711. He was a pioneer missionary, explorer, historian and cartographer and contributed significantly to civilizing the Southwestern United States and Northern Mexico (Sonora).

Many people in Italy remain unaware of his importance and fame abroad and generally know little about him even though he could be a source of pride for his mother country.

On February 14, 1965, a statue of Fr. Kino was placed in Washington’s Memorial Hall of Statuary Representing a pioneer of Arizona; he is the only Italian among the Founding Fathers and pioneers of the United States.

In the presence of a large crowd on June 16, 1991, an equestrian statue was unveiled in Segno in his honour. The sculptor was Julián Martínez, a Mexican artist; his monumental, equestrian bronze was the first to be cast in the New World and transported to Europe. The statue itself was a gift from the City of Tucson and the citizens of Pima County, Arizona.

The Association was established by seventeen charter members who were originally members of the Committee that directed the dedication of the statue in 1991. The Association was deemed necessary to accomplish the goals of the Committee and to carry out many future projects that would present a new and fuller image of Kino and his works, backed by stronger and wider legal ties. Its aim is to work diligently in order to pay justice to our fellow countryman who has been forgotten for too long a time.

These are the themes and purposes of the Association:

  • to study the life and works of Fr. Eusebio Kino, the great fellow countryman, missionary and explorer;
  • to promote knowledge of Kino in schools, cultural clubs, libraries;
  • to promote studies, seminars, and conferences; to publish texts and illustrative material on Fr. Kino in their historical context;
  • to promote the building of Kino’s museum in Segno;
  • to preserve and recover archive documents and other material in Italy and abroad;
  • to organise journeys, guided tours, and excursions to come to know the regions where Fr. Kino worked;
  • to propose and organize commemorative celebrations and meetings;
  • to support his cause for beatification;

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