O most lovable and loving St. Francis Xavier, in union with you, I reverently adore the Divine Majesty. While joyfully giving thanks to God for the singular gifts of grace xavierbestowed on you during your life and your gifts of glory after death, I beseech you with all my heart’s devotion to be pleased to obtain for me, through your efficacious intercession, the greatest of all blessings: the grace of living a holy life and dying a holy death. Moreover, I beg of you to obtain for me [mention here the spiritual or temporal favor you wish to obtain]. But if what I ask of you so earnestly does not tend to the glory of God and the great good of my soul, please obtain for me, I pray, what is more conducive for both. Amen.
(Recite here an Our Father, Hail Mary, and Glory be). If the above prayer is unavailable, recite five Our Fathers, Hail Marys, and Glory be’s for the same intentions.

Pray for us , St. Francis Xavier, that we may be made worthy of the promises of Christ.
Let us Pray. Almighty God, who was pleased to bring the nations of the Indies into the Church through the preaching and miracles of St. Francis Xavier, in Your mercy grant that we, who venerate his glorious merits, may also follow the example of his virtues. Through Christ Our Lord. Amen.


O God, the everlasting Creator of all things, remember that the souls of unbelievers have been created by You and formed in Your own image and likeness. Remember that Your Son Jesus endured a most painful death for their salvation. I beseech You, oh Lord, do not permit that your Son be any longer despised by unbelievers, but be pleased by the prayers of saintly men and women of the Church, the spouse of your most holy Son, and be mindful of Your mercy. Forget their idolatry and unbelief and bring it about that they too may someday acknowledge Him whom You have sent, Jesus Christ, Your Son, Our Lord, who is our salvation, our life and resurrection, by whom we have been saved and delivered, to whom be glory for endless ages. Amen.


Most loving St. Francis Xavier, you have interceded most effectively throughout the centuries to bring faith and hope to non-believers over all the world. Please, beseech Almighty God to honor those who have spent their lives in the service of mankind. kinoRemember God’s humble servant, Eusebio Francisco Kino, who vowed his life in the service of the peoples of the Americas and who imitated your virtues so intensely. Even as he prayed that he owed his life, his vocation, and his missionary assignment to your intercession, intercede, we pray, that his selfless zeal be recognized by the Church so that his life, as yours, may become a model for all who profess an enduring and consuming love of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. “We will sing, O Lord, of your greatness, your virtues, your abounding mercies, and the heavenly favors of you and your saints.“ Amen.