Travel by radio waves along the Trail of Padre Kino Missions
From a post of the “Sonora En La Hora Nacional” on Facebook

Program issued by Radio “La Hora Nacional in Sonora”

radio sonora
Obregón #46, entre Yañez y Garmendia, Colonia Centro.
C.P. 83000
Hermosillo, Sonora

This Sunday we will travel by the Route of the Missions of Sonora, remembering Pdre Eusebio Francisco Kino on the anniversary of his birth, we talke with the chronicler of Magdalena de Kino, they speak to us of the “Camino Real de tierra adentro”, base of the northern and sonorense culture, we hear the singer Lazaro Aviles with a theme of his latest production.

Lead by: Elsa Nuñez Esquer
Technical Operator: Carlos Rivera
Realization: Sonya Daniels

camino des misiones

Download (Spanish only):!Ld0giBjT!O5F3NPYsCdphrx2AY_xq1yUIgpAjs0QjI2gbd0CrBBE